Senior Collection: A Sunlit Affliction

Senior Collection Thesis. Fall / Winter 2012.

A Sunlit Affliction is a collection of paternal intentions, a father daughter connection, and an electrifying dynamic between femininity and masculine mannerisms. Taking cues from the 1970's and the Palace of Versailles, I’ve created a presentation that shines a spotlight on how one can transform a skin condition into a beautiful interpretation of my design aesthetics.

Warm browns and rich gold’s fused with a pop of pink, this collection shines a fresh perspective on why it stands out from the crowd. With perfect plaids that represent my father, and soft leathers, the eternal keepsake is the microscopic image of melanoma printed on brocade.

Bold shoulders that demand your attention, geometric cut outs that keep you coming back for more. My collection is menswear inspired separates like tailored jackets and exaggerated folds that are the perfect compliment that eludes effortless sophistication for the feminine pieces.

An intimate collection embedded with emotion, A Sunlit Affliction is a silence that speaks so loud. Certain it is, that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to his daughter.