Hi there!!! 

I'm finally getting around to working on a blog to showcase all the lovely people I work with and the lifelong memories we make together. I thought I'd introduce myself though so you'd know who's back here behind the computer, photo edits, and camera! 


I'm Olivia, 28, living in Canton, Ga but soon permanently moving to Logan, Utah with my long-term boyfriend, Brandon, as he attends graduate school at Utah State... Go Aggies!?!? (i'm not much of a sports fan, can you tell?) I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012 with a B.F.A in Fashion Design and a minor in Photography. After working in the fashion industry for several years after college as a design assistant at Coach, J.Crew, Abbey Glass and Carter's I felt a calling to move into a more hands-on career.

This is where I picked that camera back up and put my minor to use. I've always been into the film and fine arts side of photography. I love portraits and getting up close and personal with my photography. I knew this was something that I would love each and every day and allows me to be outside, meet new people (even though I'm pretty shy) and work creatively. After breaking the ice and photographing families, couples, and weddings I knew this was my new category. I was always afraid of Weddings in the beginning... so much pressure, right? But it's so fun and my adrenaline is rushing the whole day working around everything to catch those precious moments no one even knows you're capturing. There is something in the air during a wedding that makes everyone so happy with love, for the couple getting married and within themselves! 


My favorite places to photograph are outside in the wild! I grew up in the rural part of my town so my love of pretty weeds, pastures, overgrown grassy areas and rolling hill runs deep through me. And I mean you can't beat a good sunset photo in a field, am I right or am I right?! I think the best advice I can give someone about to be photographed is to wear something YOU feel comfortable in and that represents YOU. It's easy to see photos of other people and be like I want to look like THAT! Reality is; you aren't them, you are you and you should be extra super confident in the awesome person you are. Also being open to being silly and laughing and being passionate. I promise I always get the best photos after I tell my clients to tell each other a silly joke and while they are thinking "omg this is so ridiculous" I get the most genuine beautiful smile out of each and every single person... because they aren't thinking about the camera they are laughing at me telling them ridiculous things to think about! It works every time!


Besides photography, I work on my handmade fiber goods small business, Olive Bloom (click name to check it out!). I create mostly macrame wall hangings, plant hangers, and other home goods and accessories. Right now I sell mostly online or through Artisan Markets, which I personally love because I get to engage with customers and learn where my pieces are heading. This is the other creative outlet that helps me balance the work life of a more digital world of photography to a more hands-on making world of fiber. I also love that these two worlds combine for me because I do all my own product photography for Instagram and my website. It's so different shooting still lives than people but it challenges me and helps me broaden my photography repertoire. 

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I also have a beloved cat named Elliot. He helps with all my businesses by warming my lap, walking over my laptop and pressing buttons that don't need pressed, purring in my ear and just being so extra cute it distracts me from working! I love rearranging my room or living room, binge watching tv series, going hiking, camping, traveling, eating dessert's, and mostly being around my family and friends (but let's be real, my family are my friends <3) 

I hope to actually work on this blog, you know how these things can go sometimes! But I hope you follow along and maybe book a session with me <3 



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